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Our Little Ladies Story

In the summer of 2017, my husband Will and i drove to Kalamazoo, MI, with our two little girls to pick up an old postal service truck we had just bought from our living room in galena, oh.

Will was terrified because we had paid for the truck without ever seeing it; I was carefree and excited about a road trip with our two girls. After years of schizophrenic employment on the east coast, we’d moved to Ohio to lay down roots and start our next chapter.

The postal service truck was a blank canvas, and since one of Will’s life mottoes is “DIY or die,” he spent the following winter and spring converting it into a soft serve ice cream truck.

Will had been a bike messenger, screen printer, theater scene shop apprentice and, finally, carpenter — his resume was perfect for the truck conversion job. I had been a barista, cook, tutor, test proctor, nanny and — finally — a cook again. I’m a little obsessed with soft serve, so I immediately got to work on the menu.

With my sister and her award-winning ice cream shop near Cleveland, Ohio as our guiding light, our family worked toward our dream venture together — and the girls were all too happy to taste test the menu for us.

The amazing thing? All our hard work paid off. In the summer of 2017, we opened Little Ladies Soft Serve, and ice cream has been a steady part of our family’s diet ever since.